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Glitch Vs Hack

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 18, 2009, 10:33 AM

MW 2 and Infinity Ward continue to struggle with major game glitches and widespread hacking on both console systems and PC. Here's the latest fiasco:…

This hack is frightening because it's a XBox hack that's also a virus. The 360's OS is a simplified version of Windows so it was just a matter of time. One player (the hacker) spreads it to everyone he (or she) plays against. The hack duplicates and a copy loads into the cache of other player's consoles. Then you unknowingly spread it to everyone you play. It can be unload by signing off of XBL and rebooting your console. But this really has gotten out of control.

I've been arguing on Digg with people, likely some of the hackers themselves, who want you to believe hacks are just glitches. Not true. A glitch is caused by problems or conflicts in the game code. When you exploit a glitch it only affects your game play, not other players in a game. Glitches do not grant abilities that don't exist in the game nor do they allow you to influence and manipulate another players. Only a hack will do these things. A hack is a code patch that changes the parameters of the game. It gives the hacker perks and abilities not created by the game designers. As well as the power to manipulate other players. That's why it's considered cheating.

I don't know why I'm expending the energy battling with the flamers. One a-hole claims these just glitches and it's really Infinity Ward's fault for  "not beta testing" the game :lol: The fact that so many douche bags are into gaming continually amazes and shocks me.

If you have time and any interest, here was my argument with the guy who blames IW and about hacking in general. If not, have a great weekend!

From Digg -

1 - A glitch is a unexpected or unforeseen outcome caused by conflicts or errors in the code. A glitch resulting from code could be exploited by anyone owning the game, like the javelin glitch. This cannot. I haven't encountered the problem once in thousands of matches. You don't exploit this, you "catch it" from another player. You do not catch a glitch. Glitches do not spread, distribute or copy themselves. Only hacks or viruses behave like that... asshat.

While I think IW did a shitty job on MW 2 for other reasons, I'll defend them here. IW could have beta tested MW 2 for years, it wouldn't have prevented this. If someone has the skill and is determined to hack a game or service, they'll succeed regardless of the security. Everyone knew MW 2 would be ground zero for hackers and that's exactly what has happened. This is a problem caused by dishonest people, not incompetent game designers. Yes, developers should spend much more time debugging and regression testing. The security software on XBL and PSN could be much better. The publishers, MS and Sony could hire hundreds if not thousands more people to monitor multiplayer. But even I will admit there are technical and financial limits on how much they can do.

2 - The real problem is too many people, mostly kids, think hacking is a joke with no risks or consequences. As long as the industry allows that perception to continue, hacking will be a serious problem. Taking aggressive action with serious consequences against everyone involved is the only way to stop a majority of them. For the people writing and selling hacks or altering firmware for profit, it should be prosecution for copyright violations and financial damages. For people using and distributing the hacks, the game industry should work with ISP's to terminate their internet connection... permanently. Even if they're just kids.

So yes, when videos like this are posted IW, Activision and Microsoft should move to learn who they are and take the appropriate action against them. Realistically it has reached a point where it makes more financial sense for Activision or Microsoft to start taking legal action instead of endlessly pouring money into technical solutions which are compromised within days or weeks of the release date.

I thought that summed it up nicely.

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Retoucher07030 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sad sign of the times.
Skarpskyter Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2009
Well that sucks man.

Sucks that we can't be some what honorable players. :thumbsdown:
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December 18, 2009