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Storm Damage and Game Stop

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 16, 2010, 6:32 AM

The NJ / NY area got slammed by a nor'easter over the weekend and it was pretty bad. I'll post a couple of stock photos of the damage today. Tuesday will be day 3 living with only partial power to the house, no refrigerator, heat or hot water. The only room, luckily, that still has power is where my computer, TV and xbox are set up. I can live without the refrigerator but I couldn't live without my computer and xbox! Still no sign of the repair crews yet so I may not have full power back until the end of the week. Oy.  

I did make it to Game Stop before the storm and as usual I walked out a happy camper. I went to buy Bad Company 2 which is $60 full price. They had a Edge card member promotion last week and offered double the price for trade in's. So I traded in Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2 and Fallout 3. All of which I'd played to death and had no reason keep. With the trade in credit, I got Bad Company 2 for free plus a $12 credit to my Edge card. I started playing the game around 5 p.m. and had finished the entire single player campaign by 1 a.m. So that $60 price tag... was a total rip off. If I had actually paid for the game, I'd be pretty pissed. But all it cost was a couple games that had been collecting dust. Now this week... I'll trade in BC 2 and with this trade in plus the $12 credit from last week, I can get the Dragon Age Awakenings expansion pack for free too!  

The people who slam Game Stop just don't get it. Via trade in's, I rarely pay more than $25 or $30 for new titles. If I was forced to pay $60 for every game, I'd only buy 2 or 3 a year. The trade in credits allow me to buy games I otherwise wouldn't have the budget to play. Which in turn leads to DLC sales for the game developers and Microsoft. That fact is conveniently excluded in all the anti-used game propaganda published by the gaming industry. My only problem with Game Stop is I wish they'd pay the employees more, I know they're completely underpaid and over worked. They are always friendly and extremely knowledgeable, they deserve better!

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CoreyByas Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Professional General Artist
I had the power go out here & if we start waiting like hour, we start wonder what the hell going on but a week. You gotta be kidding. Power went out here last week, lasted maybe 15 minutes.

Good thing the computer/x-box works, I go a little crazy when I don't have the use of the computer but at least now I have a laptop so I can keep using it. hehehe

I don't trade games but my son does & I think thats just awesome, he even goes & buys the odd used game for next noting really. Thats right though, its EB here, they seem quit helpful & knowledgeable & thats not easy to find in workers sometimes. People like that should be paid fairly because I would like to keep people like that around. Hope the lack of refrigeration doesn't hinder the munchies.
Retoucher07030 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Power is finally back on. But we've been losing it on a regular basis for a while which is a problem. Can't afford a portable generator!

Well here's a scary fact... the US law which applies to almost all employment (employment at will) dates back to the 1800's when it was originally titled "Master and Servant". Which gives you an idea of how fair it is to employees. It's unbelievable that a law written over 100 years ago about "employment" of freed slaves still applies to most workers today.
CoreyByas Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2010  Professional General Artist
that sucks the powers go out often, I think we only had one period a while back we thought it was going rather frequently. A generator would suck, I think they are rather noisy, I couldn't image using one.

You would think some where along the line laws would be dropped or changed, thats bizarre...
Retoucher07030 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Was it EB before it was Game Stop? I don't remember :lol:

Yes... it seems like most people who are into multiplayer don't play single player campaigns and vise versa. I've played just about everything since 2007 but I've only played multiplayer on MW 1, 2 and W@W. I wish they'd just start selling games as single or multiplayer only and stop forcing people to pay for content they really don't want. MW 2 could have been multiplayer only and it would have sold just as many copies. But it would have only cost IW half as much to develop.

And no, I haven't played Mirror's Edge. I played the demo, but never the full game. All the reviews I read said it could be a frustratingly difficult game to play and high difficulty is what's turning me off on most games lately. So I haven't tried it. But the price is so low now I should give it a shot. Maybe after I finish Awakenings :)

BTW - You're not missing much on the BC 2 single player campaign. It's not nearly as much fun as BC 1. Graphics are much better but it's a blatant rip-off of MW 2 and MW 2 wasn't rip-off worthy!
DigitalSerrano Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010
Yikes, hope your power comes on soon. The Tri state area got hit pretty bad with NJ being the worst. My neighbors terrace looks like it was hit by a hurricane. All of our fences were blown apart and there is uplifted concrete all over the place from uprooted trees.

Gamestop is still evil. It really only works for people who embed themselves into their system. At the rate you burn through games I would think gamefly would be a better system for you.
Retoucher07030 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The scary part is I haven't even seen a utility repair crew, the police or anyone from the town dealing with the damage. PSEG did call today but can't say when they'll get to it.

I should use GameFly but I don't like waiting for anything! Plus all the big developers are installing DRM intended to screw people who rent or buy used. You can't access DLC unless you buy the original copy so they withhold content that should be on the disk and only offer it as DLC. Greedy frigging bastards!
Skarpskyter Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2010
Glad you're safe man.

I like EB Games. I refuse to call them by the lame name they now use... Hehe.

Anyways, Bad Company 2 is more or less bought for the online multiplayer aspect then the single player campaign. Don't get me wrong, I love single player games, but I love online even more. I have BC2 for the PC, have had it since it came out. However, I've played many, many hours online yet I'm only on the second level in the single player campaign.

BTW: Ever try "Mirrors Edge"?
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